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Jason LoveBuzz (Frechette)

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Jason LoveBuzz (Frechette)

Jason Frechette 🙂 AKA Jason Lovebuzz , is a Canadian music artist/singer songwriter from Montreal who lives and breaths music. He’s always had a natural ear for music, loves to improvise and experiment with sounds, and has a big passion for creating and writing music.

His Main Instruments are Guitar and vocals. He can also play Bass and piano as well, and loves creating Drum beats for his songs.He puts it all together in his looper making it a full band experience, playing and singing along with it.

He has a wide range of Musical influences and continues to master his craft in many styles.(not in any particular order) Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Jazz, Grunge, Punk, Progressive, Psychedelic, Folk , Funk, Pop, Blues, Metal, oldies, Instrumental etc He’s played shows with different Artists over the years gaining experience as a performing artist.
His recent musical creations can be described as a mix of Alternative Rock, Classic rock with Jazz Pop feels and accents.

This year Jason will be recording his first Album; he needs help doing it; as it’s expensive, and money isn’t easy to come by when your a Songwriter/Musician.
His music speaks of the up's and downs of Love, and also addresses the suffering in life,all while pointing the way to hope. He starts recording in April. He will release a single or two from the new album, and is leaving on his own in June to tour across Canada to L.A, then back through the USA.Any help is welcome. He’ll be playing shows and broadcasting live the whole thing on Facebook,Periscope, and Instagram, so follow him because It’s going to be an awesome journey.
Once back in Canada he will finish recording his Album. Please follow to watch the journey, and vote to help him make it.

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