Asa Kummerling Founder of Musicash

Dear participants!

Let me tell you the story about MUSICASH…

When I was young always had a passion to help people. I was challenged with a learning disability that made it difficult for me to communicate well through reading and writing. With help from my family, my stubborn mind and hard work I was able to met my challenge and became a medical doctor.

During med-school I was fascinated with the science of Autism and finding solutions for those who have this challenge in their lives. In 1999 I started my own habilitation/center for people with Autism to encourage life skills and treatment to help overcome these challenges they were born with.

I have always loved to watch talent shows on TV and listen to peoples stories…one more heartbreaking than the other but they share the same dream. I began to ponder why so few of these talents ever make it big? I realized that all those TV programs are just that…. a TV show, created to entertain the audience. The objective is to making great television not necessarily to encourage great talent.

MUSICASH was born.  Setting the stage for mentoring and giving talented individuals the opportunity to be discovered. What if  everyone can be a winner? What if each contestant could win a piece of the pie? What if we could have a space where these amazing talents are appreciated and given a chance to fulfill their dreams? MUSICASH is the way to helping those talents dream big dreams and achieve them.

The one person who made MUSICASH my dream come true, is my husband Thomas. I admire his drive and energy and treasure his support. Our children, Cora and Jacob, are involved as well. My family helped me to support my dream, my education inspired me to help people with Autism to live better lives and MUSICASH is my way to inspire people all over the world to go for their dreams and hopefully change the lives of all who it touches.     

Dreams do come true!!!