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Who Will Become The Next Musicash Star?

Title: Destiny K - Young and Original Pop Singer Songwriter
Author: DestinyK
Votes: 1

Views: ?
Description: Hello! I am Destiny K and I am an aspiring pop singer/songwriter that is young and confident. My style is pop with some crossovers from different genres like r n b as well as electronic etc. As a songwriter, I focus on relating to my audience as well as making unique songs. My brand revolves around being unique and standing out as well as being yourself and loving yourself for who you are! I want to show people that determination get you to succeed and you don't need to be rich to succeed. My passion is greater than anything I feel. Description: Destiny K is a teenage pop singer/songwriter wanting to become a figure for young people as well as perform and write songs for people to have fun to as well as relate to. She believes with her passion, sense of style, talent of songwriting, stage presence, attitude, originality,and most importantly, her voice, that she can one day make it in the industry as someone unique that can bring new music to the world for people to enjoy. Destiny wants to inspire young people to follow their dreams and not give up no matter what people say and despite your childhood and despite anything holding you back. Since a child she adored singing and performing and got into songwriting around the age of 10, writing songs whenever she was emotional and wanted to express herself. She grew up with beliefs like equality for all races, religions, ethnicity, genders, sexual preferences etc and stood up whenever something was wrong. She grew up and got inspiration from many other artists and influences like Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez etc and how they got through their battles and worked towards their aspiration as well as their own style of singing and songwriting. Her constant work for her dream as well as determination makes her believe that one day her dream will be a reality as it is her destiny, one of the reasons she calls herself Destiny K.